I had a thought today..one I have had many times …it is about global warming. Yes…Global Warming….and  I have a theory about it all… it is very simple….I have told many of my good friends this theory already…but before I before I explain it to you…let’s get a meaning for it….

An increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, especially a sustained increase sufficient to cause climatic change.

Now that you have a basic meaning of global warming…I will now tell you my  theory. It is really quite simple and I don’t know why the scientisst have not figured it out yet…here goes…

 As the baby boom population ages, there are thousands of women going through menopause at the same time. Since the baby boom population is so large…it is a time when more women than ever are …because of menopause… having hot flashes..and …with all the heat produced from those hot flashes…it is causing an increase in the earth’s atmosphere…heating it up each time a female baby boomer has a flash.


Now if any of you out there have experinced flashes, you will attest to thefact that…there is much  heat your body produces each time one erupts……I call them my private summers.  If you have not ever experienced one….the best way to explain it is ..imagine the inside core of the torso heatsing up  and then imagine that heat radiating out from the centre of your body until it reaches your skin.

You have all seen the tv comercial where the lady runs outside in the middle of a cold winter to cool down. That is no exageration!!!  It has become a habit for me to use the air conditioning in our car no matter what the temp is outside…and I blow it into my face for a bit of relief from the private summers!!  

And another thing I checked into…spontaneous conbustion.  Did you know that documented info on it shows that it is mostly older women who have experienced it.  That is exactly what it feels like some times….like I am about to burst into flames…but I haven’t as of yet??  I do think that hot flashes are the cause of this as well .

All in all….HEAT….it is we who are causing Global Warming. You see…it is so simple. So we should not be worried about it  because the day will come when boomers will no longer walk this earth and then….global warming will for sure reverse itself….don’t you think?????

I had been talking about this theory for a number of years ….when one day in More ..a magazine for women, there was an article about my theory…Global Warming and Menopause.!!! ……I felt like someone had stolen my theory and put in on paper!!!  Now that was a bit weird.  However ..I will admit…it was a good , funny article though….so I just sat down and enjoyed reading  it.