Volcanically stuck…what an interesting use of vocabulary. I received an email today from a dear friend who informed me she was not able to make it to the book lauch as she was…volcanically stuck in England at the time. We all have had many reasons for not making it to an event….be it… sick…forgot.. an important .meeting…a death in the family….working and so on. But how many of us can say we have been Volcanically Stuck…and so could not be there????? ….I think if there was a Guinness Book of Records category entitled…reason for missing an event…this would for sure be  the  winner!!!


The act of expecting…Eager anticipation: eyes shining with expectation  …  The state of being expected…Something expected: a result that did not live up to expectations…expectations …Prospects, especially of success or gain…The expected value of a random variable. ..The mean of a random variable.

We all have had expectations about something or someone….throughout our lives. Sometimes events and people meet our expectations and other times they don’t.  The past year has been one of expectations for me. Expectations about the making of my book, expectations of the people who helped me…expectations about how it would be accepted…expectations about book events and book sales.

So far for me…all of those have met my expectations and more. With each next step, I am thrilled once again with the outcome. So am I just fortunate???…or….Are my expectations too low???…Should they be higher???…Hmmmm.  I can say that… I have worked very hard so far and put in countless hours toward Sam’s Weird Afternoon…..I suppose that could be a reason in it all.

Have you ever had a situation where someone or something did not meet your expectation???…I think we all have…The other day I saw a photo of a radio personality that I have listened to for years…but when I saw his photo…it did not meet my expectations of him….no… he did not let me down or anything like that…how could he…it was just a photo of him.   However…he did not look like I expected him to look. I bet that has happened to you once or twice as well.

That was  an example of  “expectations”… an example of how we  form unrealistic l images in our mind and when that image is different. from the reality…we are disappointed….right????…..So if someone or something…such as a thing or a person or an event… disappoints us…does not meet our expectations….is part of it because of the unrealistic image we have already formed which is different from the reality???…Can a person expect too much and be disappointed over an over again???…Can a person expect too little  and also be disappointed over and over again???

How do we find a comfortable level of expectation???….one that gives  a pretty good chance of things and people meeting our expectations much of the time??? 

   Here is a good example…parents…parents who expect their kids to get A;s and B;s on their report card…and when it comes home with all C’s….is not meeting their expectation of that child.  They are disappointed. But if the child is a C student…shouldn’t that be the expectation???  Not to say you shouldn’t reach for bigger goals…but don’t we need to be a bit realistic???…and how about expectations we have on ourselves????

Are you able to meet your expectations of yourself most of the time??…How realistic are you about you??? Are your expectations ..bigger than the reality????