“The human brain is unique in that it is the only
container of which it can be said that the more you put
into it, the more it will hold.”

— Glenn Doman

Hmmm…is that really true??…As a child…yes…our brains are like sponges…soaking up everything . For years that continues and we gain more and more information which we store in our brains.

But doesn’t there come a time…like any container…when it is finally full to the brim…overfull in fact???

Take for instance a sink with a tap and  running  water… soon the water fills the sink and  reaches the sink’s edge only to overflow…. or a balloon …it can only be blown up so big until it has no more room for air and so Pops !!!…

If our brains are anything akin to that…it would mean there needs to be a tap..or an opening in the brain….a way for some information to be released to allow for more to be gathered…just like the balloon to insure it doesn’t overflow or explode!!!

So if that is true and some of our stored memory …goes down the brain drain so to speak…what happens to it????  Like the lost water from the sink…what  about lost data???….is that drained piece of data gone forever or is it retrievable if we make room for it???

And what if a person’s  brain does not have a drain???….Will it explode like the balloon???  Maybe not…but can it get overloaded???…and if it does…how does that affect us??? Is it like the electrical outlet that gets overloaded and burns out????  Maybe this  is why when some people  age…there is a percentage of them who  have memory issues. And why is it that …let’s say…in the case of dimentia…that all the old memories become vivid and the newer ones are lost???? Maybe these people’s brains…have no drain … could this be like the overflowing sink or the bursting balloon???…there is a circuit overload and the data gets confused???…and then…so do they???

Now of course this is just a thought…an opinion……but still…it does make one wonder about the brain…don’t you think??? The brain … such a wonderful and weird part of the body. Does your brain have a drain?????  Think about it.

New topic…book launch coming up this week and with signs, posters and today…a small article in the local paper about the event.

I do believe I just experienced…my 15 minutes (or is it seconds) of fame!!!  …How about you..   any perceived moments of fame in your life??