Just got back from a day at a quilt show in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I looked … I bought… we (some fellow quilters and I) went to the Art Gallery WAG . At the gallery there was an exibition of original cartoon sketches of Warner Bros. characters such as …Porky the Pig, Yosemite Sam, Tweety Bird, Elmer Fud and Bugs Bunny. It was so interesting to look back at the beginning drawings of all of these characters and how they evolved into what we now know them as. It told us about the process of animation back in the 50’s. There were cartoons playing in one room with the voices of the characters seeming to echo out of nowwhere….and it was so very interesting to hear all the classical music that was integrated. If you haven’t seen this exhibition and you live in Manitoba I would urge you to do so.

And now, home after a long day….. here I am, your faithful blogger…taking a few minutes to connect with you.

The other nite a good friend… Marg to be exact…made a comment about having a Sally shrine!!!…She said it was her collection of all the items I have created and given to her over the years…and this she called a shrine. … Very weird I thought out loud…isn’t a shrine something you have for a dead person????? But she insisted…no…that’s a memorial …she said. So, who am I to argue…A Sally shrine it is.!!!

How many of us can say we have a shrine in our name???? What a thought…what an honor. I love making things and I usually give them away…and yes…Marg has gotten a number of my creations over the years. But a shrine??? Now how special is that…really!!!.

But I thought it might be good to get the definition of …Shrine…. 

shrine 1. A place of religious devotion or commemoration, such as: a. a place where devotion is paid to a deity or deities, as in Shinto.b. the tomb of a saint or other venerated person.c. a location where an important event in the life of a holy person is thought to have occurred.2. A container or receptacle for sacred relics; a reliquary.3. A site hallowed by association with a revered person or object or with an important event.

After reading the definition I don’t think I quite meet the requirements necessary to have a shrine….deity????…vernerated person???…sacred relics????…. a revered person?????  Hmmm… I am going to have to have a chat with my dear friend.

New topic….Coloring books….hope they arrive tomorrow. This will be a busy week for me. Lots to do and then there is the gym…I must get to the gym!!! I have even paid my membership dues for the year…so what am I waiting for????….I keep giving myself excuses for not going…that I am just too busy…but who am I kidding????? My body is shaking in ways I would rather not comment on…so…before it gets out of hand…hi ho hi ho…it’s to the gym I’ll go……….hi ho…hi ho.
And now for another installment of my most recent collection…..but first…to help you figure out what this is a collection of , I will give you all the past ones once again…


Here is today’s collection item…do you see any connection to them all   ????