• I like my money right where I can see it–hanging in my closet.  Carrie: Sex and the City

Hmmm....no..don't like this one...it's not me

By now you are tired of hearing about the things I am working on to get ready for my book launch. But…today I did something for myself….went clothes shopping!!  I like my money right where I can see it too…but hanging in my closet is not the place!!… In fact…I sometimes have to force myself to go out and buy clothes….But I must admit…shopping today…Now that was fun…I needed some new things anyway so now was a good time to shop and have something new for my book events. I usually finally go pick up a few new items if a vacation is coming up. Good thing we take regular vacations. My husband always says I am a shopper and he is a buyer….I guess you could say today I was just like him…a buyer.

My calendar is getting filled up…how exciting…but now I am worried I won’t have enough books to get me through the next few months. Wishful thinking I suppose??…The coloring books I ordered are on their way…in fact an email I received told me they will be here today. So I will stay around the house for the afternoon…just in case they arrive.

This is not it. This one was done by my friend Katie and in a past quilt show.

Our quilt group will be having its annual quilt show on April 30, May 1 and 2…and since I am in charge of the auction table…along with my friend Marty….I have a ton of phone calls that must be made to secure donations for it.  Usually we get more items than we could have imagined…and each year it is interesting to what we get.  This year we have made a beautiful quilt that will be a part of the items on the table…I would love to win it for myself!!! It is gorgeous!!

So now I have a question for all of you….has anyone figured out the connection to the collection I have begun???..Does anyone see a theme…a thread running through them all????   Here, I will give you another one today and see if that helps….