fusing -a melting together; the union of different things by or as if by melting; blending;

I don’t know if I told you about a class I have been taking for the past 4 Monday nites at Posers Gallery(where my April 21 book launch will take place) in Morden.  It is glass fusing….and last night was the last class.  There were 5 of us learning to cut and piece glass to make coasters, dishes and bowls. I loved it so much that  I may return and rent the studio space to make some more projects.

The interesting thing about it is that ….you really don’t know how it will all come out…once it has been in the kiln. In some ways that is good but others not.  Pretty much like book making.  It is not exactly what you had expected. You really didn’t know what to expect…but in both cases the outcome it very interesting.

Last night my project was , I suppose you could call it…mosaic. I took all the leftover pieces from my projects and placed them on another piece of glass. I figured I might as well use up all of the materials I bought.  I will pick it up tomorrow afternoon and will put it on my blog sometime in the next few days.

These pictures do not do these pieces justice at all. Maybe if I take the pics during the daylight hours I can get a better picture. I even made a few little coasters with Sam’s shoe laces on them…well…it is supposed to look like them…but I think they look more like snakes on glass. I will have to try again.

I received a phone call from the local library today…wanting me to call so we can plan a book reading time with the kids in town.  It is pretty nice when I get the call instead of having to make it.  I am still waiting for the coloring books  I ordered to go with my book. I have no idea what to expect with these…like the fusing.  It will be a surprise…I love surprises…and I hope they arrive before my big launch on april 21st.   Well that is it for today. I am tired and think I will curl up with my pups a bit before I go to bed. Till tomorrow.. one more of my nail collections…..I must tell you ….most of these nails were done by Asian manicurist.