Yes, that is what I said…finding the right glue.  I have finished my Sam figurine and have found a wonderful rock to sit him on for display purposes. Last night I when down to my husband’s workshop to find a glue to use to glue Sam  to the rock.

First I tried a tube of silicone…surely that would work. But to my disappointment, Sam just kept slipping off the rock even after I held him in place for 30 minutes. With no success, I scraped off the silicone residue and found a different tube of construction glue. Again…the same results…Sam slipping off of the rock…but this time the glue was all over my hands and it was a bit of a job cleaning this brown goop off of Sam, the rock and my hands.

My husband was to arrive home last night after a week of hiking the Grand Canyon with 3 other guys. I decided that I would wait and have him help me with this as he would probably know better what would work.

Yes, I have been on my own for the past week. During that time I managed to spend many hours on the computer, meals out with friends, shopping , walking the dogs and then last night, a few hours before he …my husband…arrived home, I did a quick vacuum and wouldn’t you know it….I sucked up one of my mini gloves before I had a chance to grab it. Now my central vac is  plugged and out of commission. But then…I had an idea…the toilet snake!!  That would work. I would be able to push it right through the hose, into the canister and remove it before anyone knew. But alas ….I couldn’t find the snake anywhere in the house.   And so… unable to fix the vac  myself…I was now resigned to having to tell him of my mishap and hoping he would be able to fix it. I will keep my fingers crossed….hopfully it can be unplugged.

I am sure my husband has some...he always does. whew...

I thought it would be nice to have a week of not having to think about anyone except me …and the dogs of course. It was in some ways…but I must admit…it has been a bit too quiet for my liking.  And I found out that I really do like preparing a supper every night and having company to eat with. And…I found out that …although I am very independent and am very confident in doing things on my own,I can’t always do everything….  over all…I sure missed him and am so glad he is home .


I have had a few pedicures in my time…not really my thing. My nails look good for a few days …but I really can’t stand the feel of the nail polish on them. I can’t imagine how a manicure like this one must feel. Wouldn’t your nails feel heavy????