“Integrity: A name is a blueprint of the thing we call character.  You ask, What’s in a name?                                                                                I answer, Just about everything you do.”

Morris Mandel 


The other day someone asked me …”Why Sam…why not Jim or David??”. 

I have been asked that question by a number of people after I chose the name Sam for my book. Well….I needed a character for my story and for some reason I knew it would be a little boy. I began to run through names and it seemed when I come up with a possibility, I changed my mind because that name reminded me of someone.  Sometimes it was a person I knew or know or it was an actor or a famous person ….for instance…David-an old boyfriend ,David Letterman…or Ed-my brother…or Dudley, Dudley Moore, Dudley Doright….and then there is Oscar, Oscar Wilde, Oscar Meyer….or Andy, Andy Rooney, Andy Griffith, my brother in law….James, James Dean. ..And so on and so on. 

You see what I mean?  I needed to find a name that did not immediately evoke a picture of someone in my mind. So when I thought of Sam…I knew that was the name for my character. And once Kurt and I worked on developing the look …I knew I had chosen the right name. The name seems to suit my Sam perfectly… for me. 

What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
~William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

As usual ….this made me wonder. I wondered about our names and how were they chosen?? …There seems to be trends in names. …There was a time when Thelma and Martha were common….another time when Megan and Crystal were the names to have. …My name is Sally and from what I understand I was named after my mom’s dad…Salvatore. …I am not sure about this but I like to believe so.   …For boys there was a time when there were Tommy’s, Johnny’s and Timmy”s everywhere and later Michael’s and Sean’s.  

This is my little dog named ...Zula...after what at the time were my husbands favorite coffee beans...barzula.


What is it that prompts these names???  Is it TV and Movie celebrity names or is it the Bible or characters in a best-selling book of the time or is it a cartoon character? … I can’t believe it is just coincidence that these trends in names occured…or is it?  I have known a few Sally’s in my time..only a few. And how important IS a name???  If your name was different would you have become a different person??? 

Take for example a celebrity who changes their name for acting. We get to know them by this name and it seems to suit them just fine. But what about their real name???  Do they suit that name just as much or have they changed along with the name??? 

Words have meaning and names have power.  ~Author Unknown 

Hmmm…makes me wonder…If I had my older sister’s name and she had mine…who would we each be today???  

How about you…do you feel your name fits you??? Do you wish you had a different name??? Do you call yourself by something other than your first name???   Do you think you would be a different person today had you been given a different name??? 

And now for my second installment of my newest virtual collection: I wonder how long these actually last…