Yes….an office. I am finding out that with the ordering of books and the mailing of  prerelease copies….and requests for autographed copies…I needed to get better organized.

Earlier this week I cleaned off one end of the counter in my sewing room and organized it with all my book info…calendar, lists, finances, envelopes and so on. I had thought a lot about what to do once my books arrived and developing my business nook is the way to go.

I still have some arranging to do…but this way I am in my own little corner where Sam info  will not get mixed in with other info. I have to say…I love organizing.   That is not to say that I am a well-organized person.. .

The trouble with organizing a thing is that pretty soon folks get to paying more attention to the organization than to what they’re organized for.
 Laura Ingalls Wilder

I just love the task of organizing!!  So now that I have done the fun part…organized…in this case…I must also become an organized person ….or else I will become overwhelmed.

If you are someone who is considering writing and getting a book published…I feel I must give you fair warning. If you do…be ready!!!  You may love the writing…but …are you a good business person????  Even with a publisher supporting you through the process of getting a book made…but getting it sold???  That is as big if not bigger a job for a writer…so…be prepared.

I had done tons of work over he past few months after having read everything I could find about marketing books.  I thought I was prepared. What I didn’t expect was to be sitting at the computer most mornings to write a blog and respond to all the emails I keep receiving about my book…support, requests for, questions about, when and where can I buy it…and so on.

The good thing about it all is that I enjoy my time at the computer. I think it can be your best friend in marketing. Now I will be interested to receive my first quarterly report from my publisher…Tate.

Ok now, I promised you a new collection. This one may not be as big as some…but I think you will find it interesting and a bit weird…


  for my newest collection…decorated fingernails