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The act of choosing; choice… The power or freedom to choose… The exclusive right, usually obtained for a fee.

We are often faced with having to decide on options before us. Some are easy and some more difficult. Sometimes our options can be many and sometimes just a few…some we make instantly and others we mull over for days….and all options have consequences..How do we know if we have chosen the right one??? Is there a right one??? Or is there  just… the one that is right… for us…at that moment!!???

Well, I have been confronted with some options which means more decision-making once again. Upon talking with marketing, I asked …”If I were to buy a amount of books, are there any free items such as posters or bookmarks that might come along with them?” 

You don’t know if  you don’t ask.

Tate Marketing  sent me an email…saying yes…and I was given 3 options to choose from…and free as a part of my contract. I had an idea of what they might be and had a good idea what I would choose. However, I was surprised at what they said.

The response to my question was very different …options I  had not even considered  were ….being…a mixture of a number of interesting choices… a free web site, free books, free  30 second trailer, or free airings of the trailer on National (US) networks.

Really, what are the options? Levi’s or Wranglers. And you just pick one. It’s one of those life choices.
Harrison Ford

So I thought ….hummmm….website???…I already have one….free books??…now that’ a thought…..free trailer???…I like that idea…or free airings of the trailer????…I don’t think I could afford this on my own.

It’s easy to make good decisions when there are no bad options.
Robert Half

The free books I suppose I would use to send out to key people who might promote it…but I can do that myself  for a reasonable cost, however…a trailer and  TV airings of it !!  That would give exposure in a whole new and different way. So my decision on the options was quite simple….Airings of course!!!

Everything computes – you have options, but you always take the right one.
John McEnroe

Is that true?  Do we always take the right ones??? Do we ever really know which is the right one???  Does that mean that no matter which one you take…if you take it…it is the right one for you??…or…is it always the right one…because you  believe it is???…or…is it your attitude toward it that makes it the right one???

Someone once told me… look at the options…choose one….forget about the others and keep on going.

If we don’t move on , will we EVER feel we  made the right one (option)???  Do you alow those phrases to creep  into your  head….if only I had…I wonder if…maybe it would have been better if….I’m sorry I didn’t ….it could have been different if only I had.???

For me…today…I have already forgotten the other options presented to me…this one was easy….hopefully the next option/choice I have to make with my book will be just as easy.

Are you in the midst of options and choosing one???  Believe….that which ever one you make…it’s  the right one….


Gosh…here is some more weird , funny stuff….I have to get cracking on new collections. I should have time tomorrow to at least start one….until then …enjoy

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