1. To be or create a hindrance or obstacle: loud talking that interfered with the other patrons’ conversations; assistance that only interfered.
  2. Sports. To perform an act of interference.
  3. To intervene or intrude in the affairs of others; meddle.
  4. To strike one hoof against the opposite hoof or leg while moving. Used of a horse.
  5. Physics & Electronics. To cause interference.

Have you ever found yourself interfering in something …and you are in the act of doing it…little voice is saying….don’t, don’t don’t…..Have you ever found yourself continuing to interfer..regardless?? 

Well…..Today I found myself doing  exactly that….let me explain…. 

I was sitting by myself , having a relaxing coffee at Second Cup and making notes of things to be done for marketing my book.  There was a mother and daughter sitting at the table beside me, and the daughter was carrying on about her partner…voicing lots of concerns and asking her mom what she thought. She went on to say he still hangs around with his old girlfriend that , apparently she is still in the picture…which is upsetting to her…and…that all he wants to do is watch TV…and that he is so quiet…too quiet….she was obviously very upset…on and off she would cry. The mom would comment  as if walking on eggshells, and never really said too much or gave any kind of support or  advise.  

this is me listening


As I listened to this …I tried my hardest to… not pay attention…, but the voices were loud and they were at elbows length away from me… and I thought of my daughter and what I would say to her.  

I pretended to be busy with my paper and pen but  I couldn’t no matter how hard I tried and I could tell I was about to do something. Before I got up to leave I turned to both of them, and said, I have never done anything like this…but I just feel I have to say something. The mother looked at me in horror as I turned to the young girl and said, I couldn’t help but hear you and my first thought was…I sure hope you aren’t married to this guy…and I continued saying…and when I realized you weren’t ….from what I heard you say…I have to tell you……leave the guy…you don’t need him…you don’t need all that stress….just leave him. 

this is me ...unable to hold it in any longer !!!!

I actually couldn’t believe what I had just said and was so confused that I just took my stuff and left as quickly as I could. 

I had intruded in the affairs of others; meddled..but I just couldn’t help myself !! I felt so badly for the young girl…about 20 yrs or so…what harm could it do????


.On the car ride home I told my husband about the terribly rude thing I had done and he said…maybe not. 



Today, a few more Weird dogs…until my new collection is ready…