Only have a few minutes today…so this one will have to be quick and short….

An hour after I posted my lists yesterday, I received an email from Amanda, my marketing rep assigned to me from my publisher.  She was wonderful and had answered all of my questions and more.

We spoke on the phone as well this morning…I always like hearing the voice of the people I am working with. I had questions and she had answers and was willing to give me some advice. Looks like…if I choose…I could receive a free trailer of my book as part of my contract. Now how cool is that?  .

I have not yet been disappointed with the publishing process and in fact, have been happily surprised at the feedback and help I have gotten from all the Tate staff.

I will tell you more when I am back tomorrow, but for the rest of today I am volunteering at a fundraising diner and will not be home till late tonight.

I need to begin a new collection to share with you but for today I will share a few interesting dog photos…and yes, they are all dogs!!!