In all planing you make a list and you set priorities.                         
Alan Lakein

Are you a person who makes lists??  Do you actually use them? How about groceries..a list?? Or tasks for the day??? For me it seems most of my list have to do with my book. I am  waiting to hear from the marketing staff of the Publisher. I will have to make up a list of questions for them now.  I have a vague idea of what they might do for their authors…however….what do they really do??? 

  1. Will I receive a copy  of  Tate’s media release/press kit  of my book  and if so how many ?
  2. Will I recieve release copies of my book to sent out to reviewers etc. and if  so how many?
  3. Does you  do mailing of book releases to anyone..if so …who and where might that be  ?
  4. Do you help me with book signing/launches and if so in what way by setting them up, paying for a part?
  5. Do you contact any book sellers/stores and if so…who/where?
  6. Do you email info about my book to anyone and if so…who/where?
  7. Do you mail out announcements to local and regional papers and if so who?
  8. Will I recieve a jpg copy of my book cover that can be used for advertising purposes??? 

Here is a list of what I have done to get ready for marketing once my book is available….

  • I have developed an author site with an informational blog that I write in each day.
  • Made email lists of friends, family, past coworkers, email friends, blog people, public libraries, school libraries, public local schools, local businesses, friends from afar..people I could find whose name is Sam, Magicians, and more.
  • bought shoe laces , that are each book page, to hand out at signing when two or more books are bought
  • Sam figurine  to stand on table at signings/’readings etc.
  • Sam cloth doll to bring with me when I read to groups of children
  • Sam stamp to use at readings with children…they love stamps/tattoos.
  • Bookmarks…I will be getting copies made and cut locally.
  • I have made a List of local media, local tv and radio whom I will contact once book is available.
  • I Have begun to develop a list of local events…craft, art, children’s etc. so I can start to book space and begin a local touring calendar.
  • Spoke to local Morden  bookstore who will sell my book.
  • Have shared info about  me, my writing, my published items including Sam , to the local paper and the editor has written an article on all of it ….to be in local paper in the next week or two.
  • Discussed a book launch with Grant Park, Winnipeg,  McNally Robinson store… they would like me to read at their Friday Storytime, yes would like to see a book launch occur. I informed them of my publisher and that once the marketing phase begins, most likely Tate will be in touch with them. ( they agreed that would be the best way to go)
  • I have become a member of the local art centre, where I will be able to sell my book …and have been asked to do a storytime at a few town events coming up in spring.
  • I have a collection of little , interesting shoes…in a small suitcase…to display wherever I go to sell or read my book. .


I plan on sending out book marks in my christmas cards in November. I will be leaving bookmarks with all the service people I deal with…hair, teeth, insurance, etc.  I will be using mail, email, Facebook, groups on Facebook to tell of my book.   

I am getting antsy waiting …but I know I should enjoy this time with no pressure cause once the marketing begins, I am sure it is going to become a busy time for me.

What has your publisher done for you and your book???  What have you done?? 


Till tomorrow….I found a pair of eyeglasses I never shared with you…so I will now…  glasses on a fly !!!

And one last pair of slippers……