Moving right along…

I was busy today …..first I worked on my Sam doll …sewed and stuffed the arms and legs and next I will attach them to the torso. I have made the arms and legs very skinny which look  just like Sam’s but stuffing them was no easy task.

 I searched out my collection of knitting needles only to find out …the first one I used… to push the stuffing in with….was too wide as one seam split on each foot… so… I found the skinniest ones I had, and they did the job!! Now I have to  stitch the split seams. I will be careful with the rest so as not to make more work for myself.

And next I did a bit of experimenting to make glasses. I had the wire, but I want them to have a flat look to them. Off the store I went. I found thin sheets of foam in colors….and I thought…hmmmm….. I could cover the wire with this. I just had to make a pattern.    so after supper tonight, I did just that.  My thinking is that if I put two layers of foam together with the wire glued between them, it just might work.  The red is not bright enough…so I will also have to see what happens if I paint the foam. Getting it all cut perfectly will be my challenge…but that can wait till another day.

Tomorrow I will be busy with other things….quilting all afternoon….and I scheduled a facial for myself in the morning….something I haven’t done in about 2 years.  That will be so relaxing…if I remember correctly.

Till tomorrow, have a great day and why not treat yourself to something special too..what ever that might be for you!!


I think I have to get myself a new, silly,  pair of slippers. Each time I find a new  pair to share with you…I can’t help but smile…and a person can’t have too many of those…..smiles that is.

Now these are just downright cute, and they look warm…