My personal journey…..Getting back on track…

Now that the Olympics are over, the TV is off most of the time, I can get back to my work with Sam. I have worked a bit more on   Sam .

 I now have the eyeglasses , on the figurine, to work on and I have no idea how I am going to  make them….any thoughts???? 

  Also, I found a 24 inch, muslin doll pattern at my local thrift shop for $.25  which is just the perfect size for my cloth Sam doll which I have adapted to resemble Sam’s fisque…and have cut out the pieces of the body. If it works well I might make a few of them.  Hair..I have to think about the hair…yarn? string? doll hair? Hmmm…I will wait till the doll it together before I make such a big decision.

I just had a thought…I was wondering how you writers are making out with your creations??  Are you on track or finding other things to spend your time on?  Do you have a designated time to write? What kind of marketing ideas have you tried? Or, is life getting in the way and eating up your days? 

Do you have a personal journey and have you been able to stay on track???


Keeping with that….staying on track….how about more slippers?

Slippers?  socks? slippers? socks?