Thinking outside the box….ever wonder where that phrase came from????  

According to consultants of the 1970s and 1980s tried to make their prospective clients feel inferior by presenting them with the puzzle. The challenge is to connect the dots by drawing four straight, continuous lines that pass through each of the nine dots, and never lifting the pencil from the paper. The puzzle is easily solved but only if you draw the lines outside the confines of the square area defined by the nine dots themselves. Thus, the phrase “thinking outside the box” was born. The Word Mavens refer to Prof. Daniel Kies of the College of DuPage, who observes that the puzzle only seems difficult because “we imagine a boundary around the edge of the dot array.”[5]

This  puzzle consists of…. a box …with three rows of three circles, evenly spaced within the  box. This puzzle is really much much older …I found out.  It was originally called “Christopher Columbus’s Egg Puzzle” 

It appears in Sam Loyd‘s 1914 Cyclopedia of Puzzles.[6] In the 1951 compilation The Puzzle-Mine: Puzzles Collected from the Works of the Late Henry Ernest Dudeney, the puzzle is attributed to Dudeney himself.[7] 

I attended a watercolor workshop yesterday, had a wonderful time…and the topic  of being able to think outside the box, came up many times throughout the day.    It was then… I realized , I really don’t like staying inside the box. For example…. When I quilt and use a pattern  that has a tulip on it, I will put grapes on instead.  I always want to do something to make my item different from everyone else’s. And yesterday while painting,  I just had to stretch the process we were being taught.

I suppose …thinking outside the box….some might call it nonconformity.  I remember moving to Morden from the east coast…Quebec City and earlier…Connecticut. I remember after a short time living in this small rural town… it became important to me…that I keep some of my east coast thoughts and values…not conform… and not lose my identity…so staying outside of the box is just a part of who I now am

thinking inside the box….thinking out side  the box

And so I wonder…why do  some take comfort in staying within the box?…and why do others enjoy stepping out of it?? Is one way better than the other???…Will staying inside the box limit a person????… Will thinking out side of it limit a person ???

my water-color painting

I suppose if you were to litterally…examine this….a box has defined sides and  has limited space inside …but the space outside of  it … is infinite. We each have our own comfort levels when it comes to the box. Some people like  staying within the four sides, others like just stretching past the boundaries of the box and still others like stepping out of it and floating in the infinite space around it. Some boxes are made of wood and others are made of glass. Some of  boxes are built with solid walls to  keep our vision/thoughts within it and others are built with windows ….to at least be able to see outside of  it, even if we are not comfortable going there . Some boxes we make have doors and allow passage back and forth…in and out of the box.  Most boxes we build ourself but there are times in our lives when someone builds them for us.

I came home and made it into bookmarks... instead. I would love to send a book mark to the first 4 people who go to my contact page and give me their address. I love the doing but I love giving my projects away even more.

For some…. a box is claustrophobic to them and to others it is a place of  comfort.Some people are comfortable inside a very small box, others like stretching the sides of the box, but still fel\el most comfortable within it and then there are others who don’t need or even want a box.

So, have you ever wondered about how big your box is????   Do you  even have a box??  do you find a box too constricting??  Has your box gotten bigger or smaller as the years go by??? Have you ever even thought about this????


Yes…I do have another pair of slippers for you today…


I am going to have to do something about the date and time reflected on my posts.  If I write after 10pm at night the next day’s date appears on it which is why sometimes it appears I have written two times in one day. I must get on that.