Sunday… and another week is gone…past…kaput…never to be seen again. .. And what exactly did I do with all that time????   Difficult to put a finger on it.  But yesterday , I do know what I did yesterday….I spent it at a writing workshop…and it was a wonderful time that was.

We talked and wrote and talked some more. the facilitator supplied  un with different triggers…triggers to hopefully spark us to write…and write we did.  Like my Wednesday quilt group…a bunch of women who are always so encouraging and supportive of each other’s work…quilted or not.  The writing group was much the same….very encouraging and supportive. We learned about each other and shared out writings….everyone a bit nervous at first…but the more we did it the easier it became.  I know I will take another writing course when I have the chance.

Today I had fun skiing with my husband. But before I say anymore…I must tell you…I am married to an avid athlete who takes pride in properly setting up and maintaining his equipment…keeping  it all  in tip-top shape, cleaning , oiling, waxing and so order to get the best performance from each of  them.  And when he skis, runs, swims, bikes…he does it for as long and as hard as his body will allow.  

I on the other hand am much less active. My skiing is no more than a one  hour activity…a few times a month…and…my level of ability reflects that. I enjoy being outside..but I   find it to be a lot of work …it seems no matter how I try…I  just trudge along on the trails…not moving very fast and killing myself to get up… even the slightest inclines .  My husband and my conversation on the trails, consists mostly of …HI…as my husband usually whizzes by me.

I was thrilled when …this year, he agreed to do some recreational skiing with me and today was one of those days. He patiently skied behind me today…as I trudged along…on my 15-year-old equipment…trying as hard as I could to look like I had a technique.  Maybe I could surprise him with my ability???…. if only I could  remember what proper skiing technique actually was!!  Ok, who am I kidding…I am just happy if I stay upright and don’t slide backward on an incline. And at least one or two falls are usually a part of one hour experience.

And then, today…totally out of breath and stopping  to catch it…he, my husband,  very cautiously asked…like any  good husband should….”Would you mind if I  give you just a little tip on___??  ”  I tried hard to be gracious , listen , and accept his help… but …we both knew this could be disasterous!!…However….today…no disaster…It was a good tip and I actually allowed myself to try it…it worked !!  Then he noticed my poles and that after I had been using them for all those  years…that they were not set up properly.  How was I to know???  So  he worked …fixing them on the spot…and then he noted that maybe my skiswere not good for me anymore either. 

Hmmmm…. I wondered…maybe  that is what has been holding me back all this time????  Maybe I am  really a … skier…maybe I have been just lacking the proper equipment??   Ok…Ok….Who am I trying to kid???     But I will admit that after a few adjustments and a few tips, the experience was much more enjoyable. 

 If only I hadn’t pulled that muscle earlier…. trying to get up the first incline today…I might even consider going out tomorrow !!  Well …maybe?


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