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We shall neither fail nor falter; we shall not weaken or tire…give us the tools and we will finish the job….               Winston Churchhill

Today I finished the jobthe job of editing my book.  Sam’s Weird Afternoon is now done, approved and ready for printing/production. And I have another job ahead of me…marketing.  Later this week I should be hearing from Tate’s marketing rep.  I have been looking forward to this phase of publishing.

In some ways this has all seemed to be a long process but now  that I am beginning to see the end of the tunnel…getting my book released… it actually has ….moved along quite quickly.  I sometimes read about Self Publishing and think to myself…this has been lots of work for me so far…and I had a team of people working with and for me. I can’t begin to imagine the work involved in getting it all done on your own?

I wonder about all those wanna be published writers out there…the ones who are contemplating a book…I wonder…who will actually write one?   I wonder if they have any idea what is involved in such an endeavor?  I wonder how many people actually submit it for possible publishing? And I wonder how many who do, actually follow through with marketing and selling it for any length of time?  I wonder how many of them give up or get frustrated with all the is involved and so don’t get to follow their personal journeys??  I wonder how many published books are even noticed?  And I wonder… Will my book ever get noticed?  And I wonder about me.Where will I find myself a year from now…5 years from now?  Will  Sam get tucked away in a dusty corner or will I work  hard and continue to market him years from now???

I must not fail or falter…weaken or tire.

Time to recharge my batteries for the next phase.

Questions, questions, questions….Oh well, I finished one part of it all today and I feel good. That is enough to make me stop wondering…at least until tomorrow.. that is enough for today.


I am not sure how many more eyeglasses I remain…here are some for today

I would love these on my face!