At first, I am giving energy to the creation, but later the creation seems to be giving energy to me. 

Robert Fritz

How true that is.  I am finding that I expend lots of energy to create the things I do…but…they certainly do change by  filling  me with lots of good feelings and isn’t that a form of energy????  I think about energy often.  What it is… how it works….how we use it…and how we abuse it.

Before I get going…let’s find out a bit about Energy….

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but it can be converted from one form to another and it can be transferred from  one object to another.

From all I have read and know about energy…I have come to understand ….it is always in constant motion change.  Energy is not something you can own or hold on to. It is what makes our world alive and in motion all the time. So if energy moves….and if  energy is always in motion….do we have the ability to give energy??…and ….is it possible that our energy can be taken from us??…and do we have the ability to control this energy movement??

We all know there are people we like to be around who lift us up and others who tire us out.Is that a reflection of how one uses the energy that comes their way?… Is  transferring of our energy occurring when we interact with others??  Are there people who take more energy than they give???….and are there people who give more energy than they take???. If that is so, is it not important for each of us to be aware of our energy …and where it comes from in order to keep some coming our way???.

If for instance you are a giver of energy …is it not important to find a way to replace what you have lost???…and if you are a taker , is it not just as important to find a way to give some??  And would you not agree…that…all the energy that passes through us…can be used in a positive fashion or in a negative , stressful fashion??  But I suppose that if energy is always moving….we are constantly getting and losing the sparks that pass through our bodies.

So I suppose the most important thing is …to become a flexible tool for energy to use.

It makes me wonder……are there people …who could be considered …more experienced tools for energy…  and if so…what makes them so??

So now I ask you….how do you use the energy that passes through your being?  How effective a tool are you?


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