Another side of oneself

A second self

An intimate friend or a constant companion

a very close friend who seems almost a part of yourself

A person you know well and regard with affection and trust


8 Ton birthday cake for Sam

I decided ….as today is the day I decided would be Sam’s birthday….Happy Birthday Sammy…andsince  a number of people have told me that they consider Sam to be my ALTER EGO…I thought I it would be an interesting topic for pondering on..alter egos.

When  working with Kurt…my illustrator…in developing  the character for my book, never in a million years would I have thought …Sam…would become such an important part of my life…I suppose you could say… a second self!!  He for sure is an intimate friend and constant companion…so close he seems almost a part of me now…and for sure I regard him with affection.

Sam, Sam, Sam !!  Like giving birth to my daughter Michelle, I suppose you could say I gave birth to this alter ego of mine as well…and now he is here for eternity.  For anyone who knows me, I think they will agree that Sam and I have a number of things in common.  When I was young I too had brown hair…was short and skinny…wore glasses…and often got into trouble without even trying. Oh, and freckles…yes…I too… have freckles. I think if I were born a boy…I might have looked just like Sam.

 It makes me wonder…are there benefits to having an alter ego such as Sam???

I suppose…I suppose as my second self, he can try things I never have …go places I haven’t gone to.  He could be someone to talk to and share my thoughts with…someone to keep me company when I am home alone…and make me laugh when I need a smile.

My husband is my real companion…my friend and  partner…who is always there.  But Sam…He can be my SILENT companion…kind of like a child’s imaginary friend…always there when you want…or need him.

I remember being   diagnosed with cancer …and the feeling of being all alone. I was by no means alone!!!  I had family and friends all around for support…but when the thought of dying comes your way…you realize…in the end you are alone.  But now…having Sam…I am wondering if I will feel differently if another such time comes my way… because…no matter what…my Sam will be there.  That makes me feel like I will always live on as well in a strange way…in my alter ego!!  What a comforting thought…

I suppose that Sam is now such a part of me, I will have to take out the other stories I have written about him, polish them up and consider doing something with them.  I have many more Sam adventures in my head and will have to work on getting them written down. 

Imagine if we all had an alter ego like my Sam.  Imagine them all together in a book store or library???   Imagine them all coming to life and interacting with each other???    Crazy..?  Possibly.   But…could be kind of cool..especially if we knew that was going to occur.  Silly I know….but what the heck!!!!  I love imagining …..

Later today I will be finishing the last edit of my book and sending it in for production.  It is amazing how even after going over it again and again, I continue to find little inconsistencies in the layout.  I can’t begin to imagine how much work and editing is required for writers of large novels !! 

I am feeling a bit guilty that I have not been doing my Word of the Week for all of you. Seems Mondays just come up too quickly and I forget about it. I will try to get back on it next Monday.

Well that is it for today….but I will leave you with two new weird/interesting eyeglass pictures….