“The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium.” — Norbet Platt

Today is a new beginning for me…my birthday.  Putting pen to paper…or…hand to keyboard as it might be…always helps me think more deeply about life…and I suppose on one’s birthday is a good time to think deep and regain equilibrium.

The fact is, I surprise myself some days with the thoughts that I write down. You see, I am not what you would call a …deep…thinking person…at least…I didn’t used to be. But writing seems to bring things out that I never knew were there. Writing seems to slow everything down and gives my brain an opportunity to stretch.

I wonder if writing …along with all the quiet thinking involved…isn’t like gentle exercise for the mind…kind of like the gentle stretching that yoga or tai chi is for the body??  And if so…what happens to a mind that is never provided with gentle stretching??

There are those who think such actions are frivolous…..and there are those who say they could never do it….write that is.  Never say never is always my motto.  Maybe what they are really saying is…I don’t want to and am not interested in it. Now that I can accept.

What happens to our bodies muscles when they are never stretched????  they become tight and inflexible?… they become shorter??… they become limited in what they can do??… they become weak??

So my recommend to anyone is …write…write…write !!  Keep those brain cells flexible and unlimited. Nurture them to stay strong and reach out. Gently stretch and think deeply about life…your life…and hopefully you will find your equilibrium.


And before I go today, I have another interesting/wierd piece to my eyeglass collection I will share with you…

chocolate eyeglasses