I am presently awaiting my initial copy of Sam’s Weird Afternoon to arrive at my door. Pretty exciting time. There will be one last edit if needed and then…my book will be ready to go to print!!!  While I wait, here are a few thoughts…..
I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope,. Which is what I do, and that enabled you to laugh at life’s realities.  
   Dr. Seuss

Today I thought….why not reflect on nonsense.  Life… can for sure …get just too darn serious at times! Nothing wrong with a bit of nonsense once in a while to lighten things up ….

Dr. Seuss knew all too well what nonsense was all about…and…had the uncanny ability to see life in ways I can only hope to do once in a while. How he kept coming up with all those weird characters, makes me wonder…maybe we could all do that if we only tried.  He was able to reach outside the box over and over again.

Ok…so let’s think…..let’s take an animal…how about a butterly….rather than fly, I suppose it could swim or roller skate or even drive a car….now that is nonsense….or take an elephant and have him sing or conduct with his trunk or ballet dance. We could go on and on but I will stop here…and instead…show you a bit of nonsense….. 

balloon nonsense

fashion nonsense


Painting nonsense

Wig nonsense.

 Why nonsense???  you might say.  Why not , is what I say.  If nothing else…for sure this little pup brought a smile to your face…now…isn’t that worth a little nonsense once and a while???? 

Don’t talk to me about a man’s being able to talk sense; everyone can talk sense. Can he talk nonsense?
William Pitt
More wierd hats tomorrow… so be sure to check back.