As promised, I am back…back from Mexico’s sun, sand, heat and lots of soda crackers and ginger ale….yes…got a parasite the doc said!! But in spite of that…it was great.

On the plane ride home…I began to wonder about….what would I write about when I got home…and would it be easy .. to wrap my head around writing once again after such a relaxing break from it?  So I began to think… and   Sam and my book seemed so distant now. Try as I might …my mind was as blank as the empty piece of paper on my lap.  Nothing…just  nothing was coming to mind…ziltch, nadda, zip.  How weird. I thought …as before this holiday…my mind was just whirling with musings!

Oh…Oh…..Wait…I have it !!!!…turtles…yes…turtles…Ridley Turtles to be exact. I have to tell you about these little creatures. We found out that Ridley turtles come up  on shore at the beach of the little village we stayed at and lay their eggs in the sand there every year. When we arrived, the incubation period was just about over …. and I was able to be a part of  a truly wonderful event!

Here are some of the hatchlings, just out of their eggs.

Being an endangered species..there has been a 15 year volunteer effort by the locals to help. the locals look for the paths left by the adult laying turtles, find where the eggs have been layed, carefully remove them and bury them in  a turtle nursery…fenced in sand area on the beach …for their protection.  As the nursery eggs begin to hatch, the volunteers dig them up and take the hatchlings out by hand …keep them in a container…and then about 24 hours later they release them.

I consider myself so very fortunate one evening, I was able to watch and feel part of an extraordinary event… sunset, I watched  as  50 turtle hatchlings were placed on a long smoothed out sandy path made by volunteers….tht headed out toward the water..with the setting sun as their guide.  I watched as the little turtles, slowly paddled down that long path…flipping over… hitting small sand mounds along the way… yet persistently pushing on… toward the sunset… were they were met by the pounding   waves and disappeared into the ocean!!!! 

The volunteer put this little guy in my husband’s hand. I can’t begin to tell you what a special event that was… that night… for me. My first year in that village….a large , old Ridley had floated up on shore ..dead…and was quickly and quietly buried by the locals….and this  year….I got to see life… as the babies made it to the ocean!. 

 My turtle tattoo now has  more significance than ever….death and life….is there some meaning in it all for me???  Who knows…but Sayulita and it’s Ridley turtles have a special place in my heart.

Watch the turtle. He only moves forward by sticking his neck out.

 Lou Gerstner quotes

And now….I do believe I still have some wierd hats in my collection….so…here they are….

With the death of British fashion Icon… Alexander McQueen, I thought I would also add a few weird shoe pictures….designed by him…I believe I might have had the first one in my collection .