Home from quilting and getting ready for bed…but I couldn’t sleep until I told you about this……. 

I was actually planning on talking about the word …dilema…but that will have to wait. I will explain why.  Friday nite when I was leaving the quilting retreat to go home, I casually said to everyone…”might be a good idea to pick all of our stuff up off the floor for the night…just in case there was ever a flood, don’t want our stuff to get ruined”   or something like that. immediately following my words, the women at my work table all began to laugh “a flood?”  said one. “It’s freezing outside…I doubt there would be a flood now!”  …I said…but what about pipes bursting or something like that? You never know?”  There was  a more laughter and as I was leaving I  made some joking remark of …warning… and left.

Saturday morning …the quilters slowing began to fill the retreat room and the women sitting next to me …looked at me with a big smile and said…”You’ll never guess what happened to me this morning?”…and I jokingly said…”you had a flood!”. Was I ever surprised when she said YES…and that she and her husband just spent 3 hours with the shop vac, trying to get rid of all the water that collected in their basement….their hot water tank had leaked through the night!!!!!  For a few seconds I thought she was joking…but she wasn’t . Then for few more seconds I began to feel responsible. But she laughed at the strangeness of it all. With each new quilter arriving , the events were retold a few more times and each time it was met with shock and a bit of laughter.

 Now, if that’s not sychronicity…I don’t know what is…and what’s even more interesting is that just two days ago …in my blog…I wrote about synchronicity….!!!!  It all made me feel very weird.

Very , very weird indeed!!  So here goes my wondering….Did the flood occur because I  talked about it? Or did I talk about it because subconsciously I knew there was going to be a flood?  Would there have been the flood if I never had brought up the topic?  Can two events like these have a cosmic connection…or are they just two random events that happened to occur as they did ? I will never know…but I can tell you this…the quilters at my table will think twice next time before they laugh at my comments in the future.

I would like to believe we do have some abilities and connections to the world around us in ways we can’t even begin to fathom. Now…if  only we could just understand it better and harness it in some way…interesting food for thought.

It may be that your whole purpose in life it simply to serve as a warning to others”

And speaking of food….here is another HAT from my collection…..

Blue cheese ...anyone??