“Imagination is the highest kite that one can fly.”

This weekend I will be spending at a quilting retreat. Don’t know what that is?  Well….it is two and a half days …spent in  designated location, this time..a hotel…with about 40 other women…and we each bring a quilt item to work on. We sew, talk, sew and talk some more.  Oh…and food…we are treated to the best meals. 

Since I have been so busy with my book, my quilting has taken a back seat…so today I quickly came up with a project to bring….a small hanging with Sam and my book title on it. Figured I could bring it to book signings and readings. It will be fun to make and a good marketing tool…possibly.

Marketing, marketing, marketing!! It seems that is all I think about these days. My mind can think of nothing else. I am trying not to talk about it too much with my husband and we have had a few very quiet dinners lately. I keep wanting to say something but it is about my book each time so I am learning to bite my tongue as not to sound obsessed…but I am!! And so instead I try to think of another topic to talk about and once and a while I do.

If you haven’t checked it out yet…I now have a page called…Sam’s Weird Things. I have begun to add to his collection and will continue to do you until that collection runs out.

So today …as I have no more shoes to show you…I will begin MY new collection….HATS!!!…..here is the first…

A hat made from rubber tires.