Yes…this is Sam. He is not an exact likeness…but  pretty good  . Over the past two days I have worked on him and with a bit more sanding, painting , sealing and then attaching him to an item he can sit on, he will be done.  I baked him yesterday.  I am still debating about the hair…should I add some real like hair…or not?  Now the eyes, mouth and glasses. Those will be difficult.

Still lots of work to do…

I am sitting here thinking about what to write today…and all I can think about is …snow. I look out my windows to see a beautiful blanket of what looks like white fluffy stuff.  I love how after it falls the world looks so clean again!  Fluffy looking I said…however I tried shoveling our driveway yesterday so I could get the car out, that fluffy looking stuff, was packed in, heavy and hard. The wind that blew in the soft fluffy flaked had dropped  it in a drift across the garage door and  pounded  on it ,until it was hard and heavy.

When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels”…anonymous

Are we like the snowflakes? Do we  go from soft  and fluffy …to…hard and heavy…after years of being pounded upon? 

It makes me wonder about our ability to deal with the pounding that life can exert on us and who we become after?  Does all of life’s pounding …really harden us… or do we ALLOW it to do that ?  Hmmm…life’s events can certainly effect a person, but don’t we have control over…if and how we allow it to change us?

Now, you may be thinking…oh sure…but there are times when life is in control and there is nothing we can do about it. You may be thinking of events in your life when you felt you were caught up in the current of life’s flow, unable to do anything but be caught up and dragged through those rough waters.

There are many  books that compare life to a river with all it’s characteristics…slow or fast current, bends and turns, obstacles, calm and turbulent.  How a person travels through life is so much the same. Some things such as …the bends and turns and obstacles  will continuously appear in our lives….so…like the wind on the snow….if we were to call these…the pounding of life…do we have to allow them to make us hard ?

We have all had pounding in our lives… why have some of us become hard?  Why do some people feel they have been pounded on more than others?  Do some people enjoy the poundings? Do some people just like to find the bad and not the silver linings?Why are there people who are pounded on time and time again but never harden.  Have you ever thought about your attitude toward the pounding you have had and if you allowed them to affect you or not ?

 I discovered I always have choices and sometimes it’s only a choice of attitude.

And now you are expecting to see some more shoes….unfortunaltly I have exhasted my collection. I am working on a new Weird collection and you will see the start of it in a few days.