Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich…..Sarah Bernhardt

Friday, Friday once again. It has been an eventful week. Seems I have expended a good amount of energy…and all because of Sam!! Don’t take me wrong…I enjoyed the week  and it was exhilarating for sure.

I just sent in an email approving the VISUAL components of the book…like pink shoes change to red…and the word pop…must be larger. There have been moments that make me wonder…am I being way too particular? Would anyone else really notice? Am I trying to make it perfect? Is there really such a thing AS perfect?

This week reminded me of a watercolor quilt I made in my early quilting years. A watercolor quilt is made up of hundreds of different .. 2″, printed fabric squares and the colors, if put together properly fade from light to dark.

I remember working on that quilt for hours, moving the little squares around to get the right effect but each time I moved one, others were now out-of-place and had to be moved…and so on and so on. This process went on and on until my husband peaked into my sewing room one day and said “You know you have to stop..SOMETIME…or you’ll never get it put together.”

At that moment I stopped what I was doing. I realized there would never be an end to it until …unless I decided to stop!  So the next few days were spent sewing it all together. Was it perfect?  Who knows…. I loved it.

So…like the quilt…the book revisions could go on and on,  but today I decided to stop. Is it perfect?                                                                      Who knows…I love it and that is what matters the most.

They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you…practice makes perfect.                                                                                                  I wish they’d make up their minds…

Winston Churchill

Shoes, shoes….glorious shoes…..