I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.”                         Vincent van Gogh

Today I got to thinking about process and product when an email arrived with the full layout of my story and illustrations. I became confused. Am I a process or product person…which is more important to me?

The confusion came  because…While  working in the field of Early Childhood Education I was involved in different programs in a variety of capacities. Over and over again I would encourage staff to rememer…it is the process , not the product that is important. So when I would see  an adult supervising a child who was coloring.. and they would  interrupt  the process by saying…no, no, no….hair is not purple…then remove the purple crayon ..and .hand the child a brown or black crayon…It would make me cringe. The child who was engrossed in the activity…, enjoying the process…would take the brown crayon, quickly color and then look for something else to do.

I have always prided myself on being more of a process person. I love the doing of things. But today when I received my full book layout….the product….I was thrilled!!  I mean…really THRILLED.

Can  that mean that the product has become more important to me than the process? 

Can a person enjoy the product as much as the process?  Should we enjoy them both equally as much?  Is it better to be a product  person than a process  person like I always believed I was…or doesn’t  it really matter?  Can we hate the process but love the product? Can we love the process but hate the product?  Should the product be the reward for a process well done?  Does that mean if a process was not well done there will be no reward? Or, can the process be the reward on its own?

Wow…lots to think about.

Well, for today I will allow myself to be a product person and I won’t even feel guilty about it. I am thrilled with how the book is going to look …I suppose in this case it is the reward for the process .

I do not believe in failure. It is not failure if you enjoyed the process….Oprah Winfrey


And now for shoes, shoes  shoes…..