This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last. ….Oscar Wilde

Yesterday I waited anxiously for what I hoped would be the final book cover and it made me think about…anticipation.

Anticipation …, the excitement of …the looking forward to…another email… and it brought me back to when I was a kid and I was so excited to  wear my new outfit for the first day of school each year.

Anticipation…the anticipation of something to occur…can be exciting, or not. So I wondered….what makes the difference? Can the same event be either?  Can what you look forward to, be  something of  fear and concern today….but tomorrow can the same thing provide  wild, excited anticipation?  And if that is so…what makes that same thing so different to us? 

For me the past week I has been one of anticipating…anticipating emails about my book cover. It began as stressful, not exciting….anticipaiting how it would look…worried about every little tiny detail…and then…something was explained to me about book publishing and suddenly I became relaxed and was looking forward to each following email. So I wondered…Whywas that?  Was it the having of more information? Was it that it allowed me to have a different prespective? Was it that it made me stop…become less emotional about it? Did I become a more conscious person? Did I decide it was time to pick my wars and not fight them all?

But was it just the information?…. I asked myself?  That was part of it…but I do believe it helped me to have a more positive attitude as well and with that, it changed my  perception of the the exact same illustration.  Weird…is that what they call, mind over matter? 

I must admit though…the thrill and suspense was exhilarating..  In a way…it is too bad that feeling couldn’t last.

But I feel confident something will exhilarate me again… maybe the anticipation of waiting  to receive the actual book ..                             now that will do it!!!

What are you anticipating in the near future?  Will you make it a  stressful  or exciting and exhilarating time?

As I promised…my book cover.  I am hoping it will be available in June…..

If you look very carefully at the grey shoe at the bottom of the cover…you will see the black with red polka dot shoe laces which will be incorporated throughout the book.

Not to forget …one more shoe from  my shoe collection …

Ballet anybody?