This week’s word……….CLY…to seize or steal

Perception…it is the Recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli.  Simple…right?  We  see, hear, taste, smell, and touch a zillion times each day and that helps us to uderstand the world around us. So I got to wondering about perceptions…how they affects us , and why then with all that stimuli… it so easy to have misperceptions?

Let’s take for example…this picture of a pretty, young girl with lots of flowing hair……Now..let’s  take that picuture and turn it around…we have…

a picture of an ugly old woman with short hair and a large nose.

What has changed? The information is still all there…however…the position of it is different…the information is presented in a different way…and then….so did our perception of it… and we saw something totally different. Interesting…..

But….Isn’t  life  just  like that?  How we see, feel, touch, hear and taste everything…. affects what we think and how we act. And shouldn’t we always keep in mind that there could very well be a different way of seeing things ? Is there a possibility that what you see today will look different tomorrow? Is there a possibility that not only will it look different, but better?

That makes one wonder…how effective are we ….really… in living our lives ?  How conscious are we from moment to moment and could we be living  differently?  How can a person be  more aware…conscious? And if we could…why aren’t we?

Today,…for me,….it is all about my book cover. Not a very huge dilemma in the scheme of it all, really.  I was fortunate to receive added information from the illustrator, and I was able to step back and look at it very differently, giving me the opportunity to see it from some one else’s perspective. It allowed me to understand the situation better and become more flexible and compromise on little items I thought were important.

Have you been in a situation with someone or something and it all seemed to be at a standstill?  Have you ever considered that maybe you don’t have all the information…or are looking at it all wrong?  Have you ever thought to look at it differently? …or have you, just as I did with my book cover….allowed your emotions and stubbornness to cloud other possibilities? 

Here is a picture for you to keep in mind about perception….ten blind man , an elephant and… ten different perspectives of  it. It’s a snake, a tree trunk, it’s sharp, it’s soft, it is smooth…and so on.  Not one person’s perception is wrong…but not having all the info…not one of them is right either!!!

How effectively are you perceiving your world today?  


More shoes of course….