These are shoe laces that can be found in my story book...Sam's Weird Afternoon.



Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes. 

Kahlil Gibran

 After much consideration of  my book cover choices, and after having some small changes made on one of them, I am just about to approve it.  A few more little changes and I will just love it…and the decision-making will be over. Whew…

My illustrator and cover and layout design person have been stellar. They have come up with options I would never had thought of and quickly made the changes they could ….and so like the quote says…together we are making new shapes.

It has been more stressful than I would have thought..finalizing a book cover picture…..mostly  because because of me… I was having difficulty agreeing on a few parts of the cover picture…and also because I did not understand why the illustrator seemed to only hear certain issues of mine. He finally explained some things to me, and with those facts , I was able to have a different perspective on the cover, my thinking and  what is really important. I was able to let some things go in exchange for some others.

A little give and take by all parties and my vision has been expanded.

How about your vision…your art, has it found a new shape?

It really is true that….two heads are better than one!!!


And now….shoes…


Ouch, ouch!!!