~You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don’t trust enough. ~

 Frank Crane
Trust… What happens if we don’t trust and what is that makes  trusting at time so difficult?  Why are some people easier to trust than others and  are you someone who can be trusted on?  Can someone be trusted in one situation and not in another? And why would that be?  Is it easier to trust someone if you know them well? Should you trust a stranger? 
Lots of questions and today I found out the answer to a few..

Sam’s Weird Afternoon is coming along and Yesterday I received three options for a book cover from the design and layout staff person. I was excited and quickly opened up the email . The three options  staring  up at me turned my excitement to worry, I had concerns. The concerns were not about the cover layout, not about the cover concept, not about the cover colors used., in fact, I loved the covers and the concepts used….but I had concerns about Sam!!!

What happened to my Sam?  The Sam I was looking at in these illustrations was not MY Sam. He was older and taller and looked more like one of the illustrations I received before the illustrator worked with me to change and develop the finished character.. The changes that made Sam… were little tweaks…but the little tweaks that made me love the finalized character. Oh No!…was my first reaction and I became a bit concerned…in fact….very concerned!  But should I have been?

Being the end of the day I sent a quick email back explaining very nicely that  the wrong Sam illustration was on the cover…and I went on to clearly explain what was different about him. I was very upset and concerned but tried not to let that show in the email. And  then I realized…polka dot shoe laces.!!!! .

.Sam was to be wearing  the polka dot shoe laces, like the ones I bought for book signings, that were to be on his feet, on the cover!  But instead they had decided to put tall plaid boots on him.  this is not good I thought ..that is just not going to work.   So I tried once again, very nicely to explain my lace concerns as well …and  I began to wonder …what if changes were not possible?  It had all gone so smoothly up to now and the staff were very easy to work with…but this was big. I began to question and make Assumptions. Assumptions that things were about to go very wrong and that fixing this was not possible. I began not to trust the publishing staff.

When my husband came home….I had gotten myself all worked up . “It’s Sam” I said….”they have the wrong Sam!!”  After quietly listening to me , he said ” calm down and stop worrying…,  changes will be made, trust the publishing staff, they have been so very good so far”, he said, several times until I realized how true , all he was saying actually  was.

But I had to wonder …..How did I let this happen?  How did making a book go from enjoyable  to stressful? It was then I realized..emotions…my emotions.  I had allowed my emotions to interfere with the l goal and I had begun to assume the worst and not trust.

  Then my husband said …” Don’t assume they WON”T  make the changes”,  if you are going to assume anything, assume that  they ARE GOING TO make the changes . I suddenly became very happy that I stayed with the facts when contacting my illustrator and cover designer and kept my emotions at home.

Today after a few emails back and forth, the illustrator informed me…I was right about Sam and he would be making the changes for me. Not only that but …I asked the cover designer if we could make a few changes on one of the cover I liked and ..she agreed to try. How easy that was. I must remember this.

The Publishing process for my book is not yet over. There may be more issues to deal with. I am going to stay positive and trust. Trust that we are all on the same team , aiming for the same goal…a great book. After all, making books is their job.

Tonight I gave my husband a big hug and told him he was the most important person in my life.  He looked at me , smiled and said…”After Sam that is.”  And we both laughed.

How does a person come up with something hairy like this?? However...Double steletto heals. Now that might be a good idea.


Now, these would match with just about any outfit.