A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I was thinking about change the other morning as I sat in my friend’s kitchen, writing  my next blog post  and looking out their windows .It was then I realized how refreshing the  new view was as I looked out. You may be wondering…why  write in someone else’s kitchen ? Well, a bit of a favor for friends…as they were both at work, they needed someone to be there for when  the cable guy came…so there I was. 

Anyway…Change…that is what I want to talk about.  Having a different view of the snow that morning made me wonder…if I was enjoying the change so much …why is it that we are so often afraid of change in our lives?  Is it that as we become older,  are we way too set in our ways? Or is it that we are just stubborn ? Or, is it fear…fear of the unknown?

So, who are you… when it comes to change in your  life?   Me , I will admit, I take some comfort in cosistancy…and change?.. I never really thought too much about the subject…but I do know……doing some new things for the first time has been difficult.

Starting a blog was one of them. I knew I should have one if I wanted to let people know about my book.   But if I made a blog,  who was going to read it?  And if anyone actually did check it out , what would they think of me and my ramblings?  How would I come up with subject matter time after time…and how would I make it not boring? Afraid? Yes…I would say so. Writing a blog would mean putting myself out there….it made me think of  those dreams I’ve had…..where I get to where I’m going and find myself  naked!!!  Now…Why would a person want to subject themselves to that?

However, feeling it was necessary but feeling   totally intimidated… I worked for hours and  developed …So you wanna be a writer.  As of right now my blog is only  two and one half months old…but tonight …it is at the 2,000 hit mark…and my book is not even launched yet!!!!  

Good thing I decided to step into the scary.. unknown.  Little did I know …it would be such fun.

Is there an unknown you would like to step into but are afraid? Go for it, it might just awaken the stranger in you.

And now for shoes….Of course I have a another  interesting shoe for you…..

A shoe with wings.