A thought for today….are you taking care of your blog…and it’s visitors? Are you getting an increase or decrease of hits as time goes by? Do you have any idea why people would even visit your blog?

Looks like some kind of balancing act!

Care of my blog?? What is she talking about?  All I have to do is write and they will come, right?. Well , that may work in the movies and you may think that what you have to say…surely everyone wants to read….right?   I would beg to differ and I do believe a blogger has to work hard to bring visitors to their site.  So, after much research about blogging and even more of visiting others blogs, I thought I would  come up with …


  1. If you want only family and friends to visit,  write only about you and your family.
  2. Keep the information on a blog interesting, informative , funny and thought-provoking.
  3. Keep a blog clean and neat looking and do not clutter it up .If it becomes messy or difficult to read, visitors may not return.
  4. Make it interesting by adding pictures and photos..one of yourself so visitors will feel a connection to you, the writer. 
  5. Keep the vocabulary simple and basic. No one likes to have to look up the meaning of a word to figure out what is being said.
  6. Try to expand your audience by changing things up regularly. 
  7. If you want people to read your blog,  get into the habit of reading others and commenting . 
  8. Use MySpace or Facebook and regularly put an entry in to encourage your “friend” to want to check your blog. However, do not over do it.
  9. If you feel the need for profanity…think again…and don’t.
  10. Having a blog requires your time and attention.
  11. Post something new on a regular basis so your followers can look forward to and count on having new information on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
  12. A blog needs to have a  direction , a reason for being.  
  13. Focus on branding  your blog. Create a distinct flavor so readers know what to expect (humor, good links, advice, etc.)
  14. Respond to comments whenever possible. It shows respect for the readers’ opinions : )

The last two came from two of my readers…thanks.

So there you have it…a few blogging …does and don’ts… from little ol me.

Sooooo….what  about your blog/site…have you found your direction yet?

 I keep trying to learn more about my blog and how to manage it. In fact last week I got a pingback . What the heck is a pingback? and  I am still unsure what …categories …is all about and why exactly I might want to use them. Ahhh…so much to learn. Now if only I would spend as much time working out or skiing as I do with this blog. 

 Till next post…a newbee blogger…wanna be writer.

See that shadow there? May be difficult to make out, but it is me on skis.

The ski trails. And thanks to Phil for all his work setting them.