Have you received a buss today? 

 You may be wondering exactly what a buss is…well…it is something you might have received from your partner this morning…or…it is something you might have received from an acquaintance on New Year’s Eve…

BUSS….a rude or playful kiss    Pronunciation: \ˈbəs\

Had I seen this word in a sentence in a book or article, I might have thought it was just a typo and never considered it again. But there you have it…a small word, one a person might even consider using and a possible Scrabble word. Although,  I can’t imagine that I would really want use two s’  like this but then you never know.

I think my legs are actually too short to even consider these!

Yesterday I called my daughter and one of the first things she asked me is…is your Sam finished yet?  It was kind of like a wake up call as I hadn’t thought  about my Sam figurine since her visit.  So this morning I took him and all my sculpey out and put it on the dining table so I would get back to him.

I also took out my calendar and decided I needed to organize my time and my tasks…book tasks that is ….so that when Sam is ready to be launched, I will be too.  It seems like I have tons of time before then but I don’t want to look back and wish I had been more organized.  I keep working on my email lists…wow…I have organized over 15 different email lists….good friends, email friends, book friends, old friends, friends from afar, family, book stores, public libraries, school libraries, blog  commenters, local businesses and so on. 

I have been told  to keep the lists under 70 because otherwise the internet may identify an email as spam and never get out there…now that would be a waste of time. So before I send out anything, I will check my email lists to be sure they are small enough.

It is very interesting once you get started with making such lists.  It is amazing how many people you find out you have a connection to

Footwear for all those Dr. Seuss lovers!

 and how many places you should be connected to if you want people to know about your book. I suppose it is the same if it is a piece of art you want to sell or a service you can provide. If you are on Facebook and you have ever gone into GROUPS, you will find there are tons of different groups…some with two members and others with thousands. I have joined a number of groups that pertain to children’s books , writing, collecting, quilting , Sams, children, and even one for all people named   Sally Anne (of which there are only two of us right now). It takes time to check them all out but I believe it is all time well spent.

How are you spending your time these days?  If you have  or are getting a book published, are you putting any time into your marketing plan and if so what have you done that you feel will or has worked?

I was thinking last night about the fact that everyone with a published book is competing with each other. And I began to wonder, is it a bad idea for us to share ideas with each other?  Would it not be smarter to keep my ideas to myself ? But  then I fell asleep …and here I am again sharing…so I guess for me all I can say is ….I must like to share.