“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” 

— Aristotle 

I love quotes, in fact I have a file on my computer where I save my favorite. Like this one that says….we are what we do…so that makes me wonder, if what I do is who I am… what exactly do I do and who exactly am I?  Often what you do changes from time to time so when our habits change, does that make you a different person? 

 Right now in my life I suppose I would say I am a writer as I spend many hours involved in it. I have written in this blog for over two months now…everyday. Now if that is not a habit, I don’t know what is. But by doing that everyday, the habit of writing, does that make me excellent like the quote notes? It might make me a better and faster blogger, but excellent?  Hmmm, I don’t think so.  

 Does the habit, the thing a person does repeatedly, need to be something one enjoys doing ? Or is it the habits that we find difficult but do , the ones that make us excellent? 

Maybe what Aristotle was saying is…to do one good acts and one is not is not good enough….but to do good acts all the time , to make them a habit, should be our goal. That is what makes a person Excellent!  

So if we are what we do,   and what we do… can make us excellent, excellence is something we are all able to achieve. 

Will a person really ever know if they habitually act in a way that makes them excellent? Or is it  only other people who will  identify it in you?  If that is so, I suppose all a person can do is to keep trying to achieve excellence.  

A person would have to be very careful wearing something like this...ouch!

So if you  are what you repeatedly do,  what  will  you habitually do, to try to achieve excellence?  

Do you think that when a person believes they have achieved excellence in some  form,  they cease to be excellent? 


                                                               Another weird shoe that might turn heads!

 By the way….the anthology book of poems called …Whispers on the Wind…will be out soon. They tell me my copy will be out at the end of  January. I can’t wait to see my poem….Infinite Calm….in a book with other poetry.