Another idea for your table at book events.

Now I am into the next phase of the book publishing process…design.  Liz will be my book cover and layout person for Sam’s Weird Afternoon. I will not see any illlustrations until the layout process is begun. I would feel better if I got to see at least one illustration before it goes into that process so I have an idea what to expect. But if I think about it, I have been very happy with how it has gone so far .I will relax and let the process happen. Although, wanting to be proactive, I told her that I was hoping that some of the words in my story could be in larger font to accentuate them and that I was willing to send her what I was imagining. She encouraged me to do that and send it her way.  So I will keep thinking …is there anything else I should email her about to make sure my book is the best it can be????   If you have gone through this process and have thoughts…please send them my way.

Have any of you had a book signing/reading yet for your newest published book?  I had a story published in a book and  was asked to do just that.Never having done that before,  I didn’t do too much thinking about it except to be sure to order some books early enough so I had them for that day. It went pretty good however  for Sam’s Weird Afternoon, book events will be different. This time it is MY book, not just a story in someone elses book, and Sam is like my baby so I want him to be presented in the best way possible.

 So, I got to wondering,,,what can we do to better present our books….. brainstorm time once again. Ok, let me think. How about putting a table-cloth on the book table, possibly one that will go with the feel of the story. How about red and black just like Sam’s shoe laces? Or maybe a display board with one page of the book displayed to give people a chance to see what the inside of the book looks like. I will be sure to have my little statue of Sam displayed on the book table as well..maybe on a box so there are differing level on the table. I will try to have lots of business cards and bookmarks to hand out. Maybe a draw prize with Sam’s Weird Afternoon clearly on it. What a great way to get names and email address’ for future use.

 As my life is very casual these days,  I think it is time to get out and buy myself a new outfit for book events. What a great reason to go shopping. Jeans have become my clothing of choice…which is fine for sitting and blogging…so  I will plan a clothes shopping day some time soon. I am realizing that I am going to have to spend a bit on marketing, but I’m sure it will all be worth it. I just have to be sure not to get too carried away.

I have to tell you, when I stated writing on this site, it would take me hours and hours to finish one post. I have gotten it down to a half and hour which is great as now I have time to do other book related tasks.

And now…for some funky shoes. Last night I found some sites for…Shoe Museums …where I found a few more pairs of interesting footwear.

Forget carrying flowers for your wedding, just wear some on your feet/

Now these look like a lot of fun!