Today is Tuesday and I have a word for the week….                                                                                                                                                                    aby…. abye abye′ (ə bī)  to make amends; atone; pay a penalty.

In the future, I am going to try to find short words in the future for two reasons…maybe then I will remember them and also they can be useful for crossword puzzles and Scrabble games.

And….As promised here is one picture of a weird shoe. Hard to believe a person can actually walk in these..except maybe on a fashion runway for about 5 minutes!!!


I had a plan for a post this morning, however, events have caused me to write about my morning instead, so those thoughts will have to wait till another day.

This morning I went  to  pick up my husband , just east of town. It was  overcast this morning  with no reflection on the snow which  made the fields and roadsides look smooth and flat. Thousands of small flakes of snow had begun to gently fall … oh…How peaceful it was.

until…ooopps…I found a deep ditch and put me and the car right in it!  Not a nice place to find oneself at 8:30 on a Tuesday morning. What was a peaceful morning  quickly turned into one of stress and embarrassment.

 If the roads had been icy or if it was storming, it might have been understandable…but no no no…it was not either of those that landed me there, car face down in a snowy ditch!!!  I think it was the flatness of the land that played tricks with my eyes this morning…and I am sticking to my story..I had actually  made a wrong turn into a parking lot and before I had the chance to realize ..this was not the entrance,… my car and me slide right into a snowy ditch!!! 

I got out of the car to see how bad the situation was and it was then that  I saw him…my knight in shining armor walking toward me across the parking lot with the snow falling all around him. It was like one of those sappy movies with the beautiful music playing in the background as  my knight walked  toward me  in what seemed to be …. slow motion. My heart lightened as my distress turned to relief…still mighty embarrassed but relived.  Who was that knight in shining armor you may be asking? It was my wonderful  partner, my husband of almost 20 years and he was coming to rescue me.

In just a few minutes he had a truck pulling me and the car out of the ditch and he then drove me safely home. I am sure there was a word or two he would have liked to have said…but he never did.   as  he drove I could see him smile as he looked out the window and I said aloud the words he never did….How stupid, stupid, stupid !!!

One more picture of a weird shoe for you…

What to do with your old runners when the soles begin to split.