Ladybugs are a symbol of luck..or at least that is what I remember. Here are some for you.

I have no word for the week right now, and will think about it later. If you have a good one I can use, feel free to share.

Yesterday I maxed myself out at the computer.I think I put in enough hours, into working on my book marketing that I could give myself a day off if I really wanted to. I have begun 4 new email lists to use when my book comes out. I was having so much fun and the more I thought the more ideas I came up with. While on the internet I happened upon a blog about a little guy named Sam who is living with a debilitating disease. I emailed his mom for an address where I can send one of my books to him.I hope to hear from the mom very soon.

I have read over and over  that it is a good idea to give some free books away. But my question many is the right amount?  There is one account of a writer who sent out hundreds of her books. She later had sales of thousands and thousands of them. My question is…was it the free books sent out that caused such sales or would that have occurred regardless?  I have heard from some authors who are unhappy with sales of their book and have actually said they find it very depressing. Making marketing decisions, I believe, is a game of roulette…you never know what the outcome will be. But I do belive you have to take some risks and just stay as positive you can. If nothing else, at least you will feel good.

Now I know… that there are some already published authors out  there thinking…oh sure….nice to be so positive when you don’t even have a book on the market yet !  That may be so, however,  after getting through three bouts of cancer, I know I would rather be the person who falls down the stairs, smiles and thinks, could have been worse….than the one who falls down the stairs, grumbles and complains about how bad it hurts.

Now a bit about blogs. Setting up a blog and actually writing in it was not something I really was looking forward to, but everything I read said it is something every writer MUST do.  So I bit the bullet and  now after a few months  am finding it to be fun, interesting and a great way to expand my knowledge. If you have not already developed one and you have a book to sell, consider it. You can go to and for free, develop your own. Try it…it is actually a lot of fun.

Hmmm… I wonder what a writer used to do to market a book before the internet? We are so fortunate to be so connected with the rest  of the world. I believe that having a blog/website is a necessity in today’s world. After spending a week with my daughter who was attached to her phone and computer and texting like there was no tomorrow, it proved to me that communicating using all the technology out there is the way of future generations.

 I continue to brainstorm about Sam’s Weird Afternoon and  it came  to me that  my book is about lot of weird shoes so maybe I should  see if I could find the weirdest possible shoes available out there. I have to tell you, I found some very funky footwear and decided I would share them with you….starting tomorrow.