I like the sound of that …Twenty..Ten. 

Happy Year to all…if you are reading this….like me…you made it!!!  Another year  

I am Sam...well...a side sketch to help Sally with her Sam dolls.

 gobbled right up and  As I write , the clock is ticking and a new year is already beginning to pass!  

 I have decided that each day I will do at least one thing related to Sam’s Weird Afternoon. In a marketing blog I read that, instead of sitting around waiting for your book to be written, published, marketed or sold, a writer should do one activity a day toward one of those four goals. If you do, by the end of the year you will have done 365 things to meet your goal.  Now that sounds pretty good to me! ..Hey…for all you authors or budding writers out  there…what a great new year’s resolution..don’t you agree?? 

So here I am , spending some of my first hours of this new year, writing about writing  and my publishing and marketing experiences . I will continue to write in my site/blog and ..as well  do one  other activities like working on my   mailing lists and email lists for my posters and bookmarks…which I plan to develop…making my Sam dolls…deciding where I will do book signings and get info on what would be expected of me…keep others informed via Facebook and MySpace. I have begun to talk much more about my upcoming book…Sam’s Weird Afternoon…to friends and family who get excited for me which keeps me motivated. Have you heard of the RED ROOM?? I am going to go there now to check it out. http://www.redroom.com/

So what have you done to start your  new year?