It is difficult to believe that the Millenium occurred ten years ago ! Our computers are all still up and working, and nothing really changed except the date on the calendar. I decided to take a look back at what events occurred on this day in past years and for some reason this one  caught my eye….

1974 – Beatles are legally disbanded     

Wow….when you look at the year and do the math…that was many years ago …but again , it doesn’t really seem that long ago.

Like the keys that unlock a door….unlock your past.

Each year , I think, it is good to think back to the events that occurred in your life over the past 12 months. In fact it is interesting to try to go back through the past, let’s say, ten years and think about what were the most memorable events of each year. It is one way to find out where all those years went.

A few days ago I did just that with some close friends and it was interesting to hear each person’s most memorable event and how they were able to very quickly decide on the most memorable one.

I like to  think of my  life as a long road with the most memorable events that occur each year being  the landmarks,.,It  not only brings back great memories but helps me to remember events I might otherwise forget. So, it is New Years and time to go through my life once again. I think this time I might even write it all down so when I am no longer able to easily recall events, I can always go and read about them.

What doors will your keys will unlock?.