Here is a picture of the snow on our back deck.

The holidays were full of lots of good food and wonderful friends….and SNOW…lots of it as well.  Now we can all get back to our regularly scheduled lives and back to work for many. My work these days will be connected with Sam.

Have you ever read an article or even a book and found a spelling or grammatical error in it?  I have and when that has happened that word seemed to interfer in the story or piece I was reading.It makes one wonder about the editing process and how did those errors get missed??? 

Now I know…it can happen very easily. I find that with something I have written, the more I read it over the less likely I am to find an error. I just keep reading it over in my mind, missing the error again and again.

I happened to  pick up my story and reread Sam’s Weird Afternoon which I haven’t done in some time now.  A glaring grammatical error jumped out at me and I wondered if there was anything I could do about…as I had signed off the story to be sent to the next phase. So as not to belabor over it I immediately sent and email off to Tate…to everyone at Tate that I had dealt with, explaining what I had found , asking if it could be changed. Today I received an email from my editor who assured me it would be fixed.

She also told me that once it went to design I would have one last chance to fix anything else. That was a relief! I was a bit concerned that if it was not fixed it would be one of these little niggling things that would make me less proud of my work. So this week I will go over it one last time and check my story well.

So remember… need to have others read your work before it is ever finalized…and the more people who read it the more perfected it will be. And of course you have to be open to asking for feedback and criticism.  I had six people read my small story and still I found a mistake…but I think… I did not really  ask for real feedback, the feedback that is difficult to hear but is necessary.

I just realized it is MONDAY….time for WORD FOR THE WEEK… here is one,

  A style of elaborate but not formal dress