My sister put two heart-shaped stones on my parents grave site...I found one and sent it to her to add. Since then I look for heart shaped stones and this is one of them.

So the big day is over and here we are…boxing day. I must tell you I really don’t know how  it got that name but it is the day to do all the returning of those sweaters that are the wrong size or the toaster you got two of. I am not the big…return it…person. I think I did that one time and I think it is a wild day at the stores…so I would rather just stay in and relax. 

Now…what remains is New Years Eve….and a resolution for 2010. I finally decided what mine would be and I will share that with you. Each time my husband leaves the house I always give him a kiss and hug. My thinking is …that might be the last opportunity for me to give him that…so I always do. But when I was thinking about what resolution to have for the coming year…it hit me.!! 

Why not give him a hug and kiss every time time he arrives home???  I think I would be able to keep this resolution and for sure it will add something good to my life/???  Now how simple can it get!!  I have practiced the last few days and I really don’t know why I have never done this before??  Have you decided what yours will be ?  Let me know once you do. 

It has snowed here for a few days living high drifts all over our yard…we had a White Christmas…in face a bit whiter than most would have liked. Travel was terrible and many just stayed home this year, which was a bit of a change for some. We have a 10 foot drift I can see as I look out our bedroom patio doors. I am glad it is the weekend so most don’t have to get to work. 

And now , let’s get back to my writing and publishing adventure. I received my shoe laces this past week and they are so cool. I am looking forward to giving them out with my book once it is finished. I will be getting back to working on Sam as.. well now that the holidays are over. Sam and his Weird Afternoon have  had to hibernate for the past week…but I am motivated to get back to my book. 

Have a good weekend. I will be back on Monday.