Tomorrow is Christmas...make it a good one.

Tomorrow is Christmas...make it a good one.

Tomorrow is the big day and I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas now…my blog will have to do without me tomorrow as the day will be filled with celebrating.

I did my last shopping yesterday and watched as people rushed around in the stores and then impatiently waited in line to pay for their items. All I could think as they rushed all around me was …if I had access to the store P.A. system I would say…attention all shoppers …slowww down and look around you, it’s Christmastime!

If ever there is a time to slow down, to give a smile or a hello to those around you…it is now, during the holiday season. Did you ever consider that the person who just bumped into you is hurting and lonely…or,.. the mother of three who is having difficulty keeping her kids quiet,  has just lost her job…or what about  the person paying the cashier in front of you who is taking way too much time to get out her money, maybe she   is dealing with an illness of some kind…or that elderly woman who is in your way…shuffling down the aisle at a snail’s pace who no longer has the ability to speed along like she used to.

If I were to assume these as possibilities. …And maybe if we l slow down and take just a moment to instead of getting upset, give a smile to that lonely, upset or ill person. who knows? …My  smile may be the little that brings a bit of joy to their difficult days. I must remind myself…Slow down, Pay attention and I may actually notice some \smiles that come my way as well.

Like the pebble that is tossed into water and sends out little ripples, who knows what kind of ripple affect my actions may have on the people around me today?  Without even trying and without often knowing, I remind myself that I do have an affect on  others …hundreds of time during a day. So…that makes me wonder….If I were to consider myself  the tossed pebble ….what kind of ripples will I send out today???

 I hope you have enjoyed seeing my Santa collection as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you. I think there are still a few I never got a picture of . Oh well….Thank you for following my ramblings and again…Merry Christmas.

Oh….by the way, I have come up with my New Years Resolution for 2010. I think it is a good one. I will share that with you after the weekend. Do you have yours yet???

From my sister Sharon...cocktail coasters.I made this one...a block of wood with holes drilled out for two tubes of fabric which are the arms and legs.