3 days left till Christmas

Today is Wednesday…usually my day for quilting. But with only today and tomorrow left for Christmas shopping, I will be busy in the stores instead.

Are you making the turkey this year like me? I can still remember the very first one I ever made. I followed all the instructions to thaw it, made lots of stuffing from scratch, and carefully basted it so it would be golden brown when I presented it on the dinner table…just as my mom used to do.

Around the table sat my parents in law along with the rest of my husband’s siblings and their families. I felt so proud when the large platter with the turkey, beautifully decorated was put on the dining table for all to admire. Once we settled in and my husband started to carve the bird, he got a strange look on his face as he pressed the knife into the juicy bird. Not much had been cut before I noticed something strange.

It was a bag…the bag of misc. bird organs!!!  I was mortified and was soon to find out I  was supposed to have been removed prior to baking!!!!!  I remember how embarrassed I was as my in-laws looked on as I quickly removed and brought it to the kitchen trash can. Everyone got a bit of a giggle out of it except me….all I could think about was… how many people were going to be sick tomorrow ….from my turkey????    

Well, no one ever got sick and I have cooked many a turkey after that but when  my daughter told me about the … freezer to oven birds….there was no question…I had to have one. I have bought nothing else ever since.