Only 5 days till Christmas

Monday…word for the week



lover of words


Now, how is that for a new word…I found this one in a site of ..obscure words... and I just had to share it with you. 

Not much time left till 2010…have you been thinking about a New Year’s Resolution?  If you remember I talked about adding something to your life…doing something that will make you feel good …not taking something away. Make it something that will improve your quality of life…something that you can actually do for yourself .  Forget the old ….stop smoking or loose weight…or eat less chocolate cause we all know it just is not going to happen and all that will do is make you feel bad.  At the end of the year of 2010, you should be able to look back and say.. 

Wow…I kept my resolution….now..what will I do for 2011?   

I am still thinking about mine.  Buying only vine ripened tomatoes all this year….was a good one and the only time I could not do it was when they were not available at the store.  So now…what to do for 2010?  Once I have it I will let you know. Any ideas out there??? 

I made this one...the head is made out of a wooden ball.


Here is a little tidbit of information…Did you know …  today is the birthday of the Crossword Puzzle?   

      The first crossword puzzle created by Arthur Wynne and was published in the “New York World” 1913 …on this day. He first named his new creation a word-cross, but changed it to cross-word a few weeks later. 

 I love crossword puzzles. Every Sunday morning I take out the Detour section of our Winnipeg Free Press and get to work on their….now….three crossword puzzles.

Oh no…I just realized that I was so busy this weekend , I never even got the weekend paper!!