Six days till Christmas and lots left to do.

The snow is falling and the temps have become mild…well…mild for Manitoba that is.  I attended a Cello concert last night and the music  the artist was able to play from that instrument was mesmerizing.  Kind of like the way a  flame of a fire at nighttime can be visually mesmerizing.  As I listened to the music,  not being a musician of any sort myself, I found if I closed my eyes, the distractions around the room being gone, allowed me to hear each note and I wondered how it must feel to be so connected to something that can make such a beautiful sound.  It surely  felt like Christmas and with the last piece..a seasonal one…it  finished off the evening perfectly for me!! 

Well, I guess I will just have to admire and enjoy such musical abilities.  I suppose  the making of  music is  akin to other passions we all have. I had the good fortune of chatting with the musician…Leanne Zacharias..(who was not a stranger to me) and when she asked me what I had been up to.  I, with much trepidation, told her of my book writing. She instantly became excited and wanted to know all about it…which was such a thrill coming from such an accomplished artist. Made me realize…yes…we are all accomplished in our own ways and thank heavens for that as it gives us a chance to not only enjoy our passions but the passions of others! 

And now to one of my passions….collecting.  As it is the holiday season it is only fitting that I share with you my Santa collection. But in the New Year I will share some of the other collections of mine.        But for now….hereesssss     Santa  !! 

Santa Christmas tree decoration from Susan. I made this Santa. He is made of fabric and is my candy cane holder each year.

A cloth Santa I made candy cane holder each year.