If you are like us, Through the year we have great intentions of inviting a number of people to our home…but for some reason, life gets in

7 Days left till Christmas

 the way, the year-end gets closer ,and it just doesn’t happen. So each holiday season we have an open house and invite them all.  Last night was that night. It is a fun time to catch up with their lives and just keep a connection…even if it is just once a year.

It was also a time for my Santa Collection to be enjoyed. I am sure there were mixed thoughts..about how they fill up all the flat areas in my home…tables, floor, fireplace mantle, buffet, shelf, and so on.  No matter where you look there is another one!!  For sure it clutters up the house for December… and some people may question my need to display them…however…it is so much fun!!

 Last night,  I  received a new Santa to add to my collection!…. (along with various Santa candies…which I can not count in my collection as they will for sure get eaten up) I am now wondering how many of those little guys I  have. I think next week I will go back and number them all …just for fun. Each one is special in some way and each time I receive a new one…I am so thrilled!!!

There are not many days left till the big day and I hope I have enough Santas to share right till then. But…I will just keep sharing until they have all been shared…..

Another one my mom made. The beard is made of strips of muslin fabric.