“We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice  how we are already found,


already truly,   entirely, wildly, messily,    marvelously

who we were born to be.” 

— Anne Lamott 

I love interesting thoughts and quotes and if I hear or read a good one I write it down. Ever think about “Who you were born to be?” or maybe should I say…Who you were born to be…right now.  Does what you do make you who you were born to be? If so …then… Right now I guess you could say I was born to be a writer….but…I have and am also a quilter and am becoming a book reader. Or is who you were born to be have anything to do with your size and skin and hair color?  Or does it have to do with your attitude?  I have no idea but I do think who you were born to be includes growing and changing and becoming more than you were 5 years ago…that’s what I think about it.  Enough of trying  to be introspective…which by the way…I don’t think I was born to be, so I will stop. 

I am really in the holiday mood today. Visiting with lots of friends tonight which means I have lots to do so I will stop the ramblings and just get on with sharing another Santa with you.