The big day is getting closer and closer and I am most excited for my daughter to come home. Do you find the older you get the fewer

8 Days till Christmas.

 things you need to do for the big day and the whole season seems to get more and more relaxed???   That is true for me and I am not sure if I like it or not. Shopping used to be a three month affair and now is a three day event. I used to spend days baking cookies and such but I have come to realize there are lots of wonderful goodies out there and with the swipe of a debit card..theyfind their way to my table.

Ahhh but the decorating…that never changes and in fact it has become a week long event…which my husband feels begins way too early for his liking. I hold off as long as I can but it is not easy. It is kind of like mail…once it lands on the counter I MUST open it …where as my husband can leave it there for days, unopened. I think sometimes he does that just to see how long I can wait before I just have to open it myself. I can wait for somethings…but others  just call out…now..noW…nOW…NOW…!!!! and I have no will power.

I am not sure but some of you may be waiting to see some more Santas… but today I am taking a break for them to show you a different Christmas item I have which I found with my mother in laws items and there was not way it was going to the thrift shop….It looks very old but I have no idea of it’s date…..

This is a little book, bound together with string, with some Christmas thoughts. There are more pages but they look very much the same. The book is about 2 x 3 1/2 inches large and very fragile. …

Ok…I just can’t help myself…just one Santa for you today…

Michelle made this year when she come to our home for the holidays. Last time she moved she decided to give it to he is a part of my collection and very special.